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  • ONT_E-PON Type

    ONT_E-PON 타입




  • - Gigabit access device for single home and MTU/MDU user
  • - User-friendly and costeffective remote management interface
  • - Single port 10/100Base-Tx for the consumer side interface for various applications like IPTV, VoIP, etc.
  • - Robust performance as utilizing Ethernet OAM for link monitoring, loopback and fault indication with SNMP.
  • - Secure network capabilities for protect various attacks through networks
  • - Modular chassis structure for easy assembling resulting in reduction of installation cost


Classification TFO-ONT-EP04
Mechanical Structure and Dimension(mm (in)) 179(W) x 134(D) x 40(H)
(7.0(W) x 5.3(D) x 1.6(H))
Interface WAN Port : IEEE802.3ah GE-PON
Interface Wavelength : Up/Down: 1310nm/1490nm
Interface LAN Port : 1 x RJ45
GE-PON ONT Functions IEEE 802.3ah compliant ODN interface
GE-PON ONT Functions Wavelength: Up(1310nm)/Down(1490nm)
GE-PON ONT Functions Symmetric Transmission Rates: Max 1Gbps
GE-PON ONT Functions Splitting Ratio: Max 1:32
GE-PON ONT Functions System Range: Nominally 10Km, Max 20Km
GE-PON ONT Functions Security, 128 AES Encryption
GE-PON ONT Functions Ranging, Flexible DBA
GE-PON ONT Functions Dying Gasp H/W Support
GE-PON ONT Functions IEEE802.3ah MPCP
GE-PON ONT Functions Reach up to 10km (32808ft)
GE-PON ONT Functions IEEE802.3ah OAM
GE-PON ONT Functions Remote statistics query capability
GE-PON ONT Functions Remote configuration: Telnet, HTTP, TFTP, SNMP
GE-PON ONT Functions Local configuration: RS-232c
Power Consumption 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz, DC 12V/2A
Environmental Conditions Temperature : 0~+50ºC (32~122℉), Humidity : 10~80%