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  • Optical Adaptor(OA)


    ∙ The key part used in fiber optic patch cord and fiber optic pigtail

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Classification OA
Insertion loss ≤ 0.2dB
Sleeve retention force 2.0~5.9N (200~600gf)
Sealing full force > 98N (10kgf)
Connect / Disconnect force < 19.6N (2kgf)
Plug retention force > 68.6N (7kgf)
Durability 1000times(≤ 0.2dB)
Temp. cycling(42cycles) -40~80℃ (-40~176℉)(≤ 0.2dB)
Humidity cycling 75℃ (167℉), 95% / 336hrs(≤ 0.2dB)
Vibration 10~50Hz(2Hrs)(≤ 2.0dB)
Drop 1.5m, 8times(≤ 0.2dB)

Ordering Guide

Product Line 1. Accessories Type 2. Adaptor Type
Classification Description Classification Description Classification Description
AC Accessories OA Optical Adaptor 01 SC Simplex Adaptor_Blue
        02 SC Simplex Adaptor_Green
        03 SC Simplex Adaptor_Grey
        04 SC Simplex Adaptor_Blue_without Flange
        05 SC Simplex Adaptor_Green_without Flange
        06 SC Simplex Adaptor_Grey_without Flange
        07 SC Simplex Adaptor_Blue_Auto shutter
        08 SC Simplex Adaptor_Green_Auto shutter
        09 SC Duplex Adaptor_Blue
        10 SC Duplex Adaptor_Green
        11 SC Duplex Adaptor_Grey
        12 SC Duplex Adaptor_Blue_without Flange
        13 SC Duplex Adaptor_Green_without Flange
        14 SC Duplex Adaptor_Grey_without Flange
        15 LC Simplex Adaptor_Blue
        16 LC Simplex Adaptor_Green
        17 LC Simplex Adaptor_Grey
        18 LC Duplex Adaptor_Blue
        19 LC Duplex Adaptor_Green
        20 LC Duplex Adaptor_Grey
        21 LC Duplex Adaptor_Blue_SC mount
        22 LC Duplex Adaptor_Green_SC mount
        23 LC Duplex Adaptor_Grey_SC mount
        24 LC Quad Adaptor_Blue_SC mount
        25 LC Quad Adaptor_Green_SC mount
        26 LC Quad Adaptor_Grey_SC mount
        27 FC Adaptor_Metal
        28 ST Adaptor_Metal

Part No. List

Product Line 1. Accessories Type 2. Adaptor Type
AC-OA-01 Optical Adaptor SC Simplex Adaptor_Blue
AC-OA-02 Optical Adaptor SC Simplex Adaptor_Green
AC-OA-03 Optical Adaptor SC Simplex Adaptor_Grey
AC-OA-04 Optical Adaptor SC Simplex Adaptor_Blue_without Flange
AC-OA-05 Optical Adaptor SC Simplex Adaptor_Green_without Flange
AC-OA-06 Optical Adaptor SC Simplex Adaptor_Grey_without Flange
AC-OA-07 Optical Adaptor SC Simplex Adaptor_Blue_Auto shutter
AC-OA-08 Optical Adaptor SC Simplex Adaptor_Green_Auto shutter
AC-OA-09 Optical Adaptor SC Duplex Adaptor_Blue
AC-OA-10 Optical Adaptor SC Duplex Adaptor_Green
AC-OA-11 Optical Adaptor SC Duplex Adaptor_Grey
AC-OA-12 Optical Adaptor SC Duplex Adaptor_Blue_without Flange
AC-OA-13 Optical Adaptor SC Duplex Adaptor_Green_without Flange
AC-OA-14 Optical Adaptor SC Duplex Adaptor_Grey_without Flange
AC-OA-15 Optical Adaptor LC Simplex Adaptor_Blue
AC-OA-16 Optical Adaptor LC Simplex Adaptor_Green
AC-OA-17 Optical Adaptor LC Simplex Adaptor_Grey
AC-OA-18 Optical Adaptor LC Duplex Adaptor_Blue
AC-OA-19 Optical Adaptor LC Duplex Adaptor_Green
AC-OA-20 Optical Adaptor LC Duplex Adaptor_Grey
AC-OA-21 Optical Adaptor LC Duplex Adaptor_Blue_SC mount
AC-OA-22 Optical Adaptor LC Duplex Adaptor_Green_SC mount
AC-OA-23 Optical Adaptor LC Duplex Adaptor_Grey_SC mount
AC-OA-24 Optical Adaptor LC Quad Adaptor_Blue_SC mount
AC-OA-25 Optical Adaptor LC Quad Adaptor_Green_SC mount
AC-OA-26 Optical Adaptor LC Quad Adaptor_Grey_SC mount
AC-OA-27 Optical Adaptor FC Adaptor_Metal
AC-OA-28 Optical Adaptor ST Adaptor_Metal

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